How NH Hotel Group centralises and automates cash management

Foundation 1978
Headquarters Madrid
Sector Hotel Group
Hotels +350 in 30 countries
Turnover +EUR 1,600 million

The challenge:

To centralise treasury processes with a secure and scalable group-wide treasury management system (TMS).

Key challenges:

  • To improve, harmonise and enhance security for all treasury management processes in all countries
  • To have a more centralised model with a greater vision from corporate level
  • To have a secure tool that allows a real-time view of the situation
  • To change the way cash flow is managed

How NH Hotel Group centralises and automates cash management ALL CMS

Our TMS solution

The All CMS team helped NH Hotel Group in its digital transformation journey and to design the functional model to automate its Cash Management and Payment System with the Kyriba SaaS platform.

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NH Hotel Group radically transformed the way it manages its cash flow using the best cash management practices in the industry.

Succes Story Digital Transformation TMS NH Hotel Group

Award for digital transformation

NH Hotel Group digital transformation Award

Following the deployment of the digital transformation project with All CMS, NH Hotel Group received the award for “Best Digital Transformation in Treasury” at the prestigious Eurofinance forum.

*Leading international conference composed of a panel of finance and treasury experts).

Why with an expert?

To carry out this project of digital transformation, centralisation of cash management and automation of NH Hotel Group’s global cash management, the All CMS team played the role of consultant and integrator.

  • Know-how:
    The professionals at All CMS are former treasurers and CFOs, and are well versed in cash management issues and best practices. They have a good understanding of the client’s needs for a financial transformation and automation project

All CMS Kyriba Certified Partner in Spain since 2011

  • Technological expertise:
    irst Kyriba Certified Partner for Spain and LATAM
  • Experience:
    More than 50 Kyriba SaaS platform Go-Live projects in Spain and LATAM

Luis Martínez Jurado NH Hoteles Group TMS Altin CMS

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