Payment hub solution

Centralise payment control and connectivity with banks on a single platform

  • Manage your company’s payment process from start to finish
  • Centralise payment activity within a Payments Hub
  • Automate unnecessary tasks
  • Improve controls for better detection of errors and fraud
  • Provide complete visibility to of your processes

Software de gestion de Pagos y cobros Kyriba Payments Network All CMS

With the payment hub solution implemented by All CMS, you can
halve the time it takes to process payments
and increase operational efficiency by 60%.

Control payments to reduce the risk of fraud

Manage your company’s payment process from start to finish

Unify on a single platform different payment channels, generation of local and international formats, their different approval and signature policies, manual and automatic payments and all this with real-time monitoring for total control of internal and external fraud:

Integration of payment proposals from ERP with <strong>certified APIs</strong>

Generation of the correct format, depending on transaction, bank and country, thanks to a format library with <strong>more than 45,000 bank payment format scenarios</strong>

Application of the different <strong>signature and proxy policies</strong>, joint, joint and several, by limits of amount, etc.

<strong>Constant monitoring</strong> of the entire process to detect any possible internal or external fraud attempts

Automatic selection of the best communication channel for sending signed payment files, in order to <strong>optimise connectivity costs</strong> according to your banking map.

Device Frame
All CMS analyses payment routines, including bank fees, transaction costs and exchange fees, to determine the ideal payment channel for each of your payment scenarios.

Solutions for efficient payment management

Connect, centralise and monitor your payments and collections in a single tool

We know that the management and execution of payments is a critical task for the treasury team. We have therefore selected an efficient payment management tool that offers security, confidentiality, compliance and traceability, reducing the risk of both external and internal fraud:

  • Access to Kyriba’s open API platform to connect ERP in real time
  • End-to-end communication
  • Flexibility of validation workflow (rule-based validation and reporting)
  • The largest library of payment formats on the market (Spain and international)
  • Workflows with management of bank powers of attorney
  • Payment Factory: one-off payments, payments to suppliers, cross-border payments, payments “on behalf of”
  • Secured transmission and acknowledgement of receipt by banks (ACK, Sepa Compliance)
  • Intra-group invoice netting
  • Payment dashboard
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All CMS Kyriba Certified Partner in Spain since 2011

The Kyriba Payment Network solution

We have selected “Kyriba Payments” (Kyriba Payment Network) as the payment hub solution for its simplicity as it provides a single platform:

  • Payment control

Standardisation of payment controls so that only authorised payments are executed and resilience against fraud and cybercrime is improved


  • Automatic format transformation

Integrate an inventory of thousands of format variations from around the world to free IT from managing costly payment projects in the ERP


  • Integrated connectivity with banks

Connect the ERP system and other internal payment systems with all banks through a series of pre-integrated protocols


  • Fraud detection for all payments

Compliance checks through sanction list filtering and real-time fraud detection.

The payment hub solution implemented by All CMS ensures secure payment execution and reduces the risk of fraud.

Why choose All CMS?

Choosing All CMS for the implementation of your cash management solution means choosing a consultancy with extensive experience in the implementation of Treasury and Payment Systems automation projects.

It is a guarantee of success in your project and provides the peace of mind that comes from working with one of the leading specialists in national and international cash management projects in the market.

  • We have been a Kyriba Certified Partner since 2011
  • We are the only Kyriba Spain partner to offer 1st level support
  • We have a unique know-how at the service of Financial Management
  • We have the capacity to take on both national and international projects

Discover the perfect solution to simplify your payments!


Are you looking for a solution that implements leading practices in centralising payment workflows, reducing fraud risk, end-to-end payment governance and optimising liquidity management?

Some of the projects of consultancy and implementation of Payment and Collection Solutions carried out by All CMS

FAQs about payment hubs

Does it connect with all Spanish banks? And with banks outside Spain?

Yes, Kyriba is connected to all banks, local and international

What kind of connectivity does Kyriba use to connect to banks?

Kyriba has a connectivity hub from which it can connect to banks via APIs, local protocols (e.g., the Internet), and a number of other protocols. Editran) Swiftnet (Service Bureau, AL2 BA, Bank Concentrator) SFTP, etc.

Why choose a payment management solution?

Nowadays, in one way or another, all companies make electronic payments, usually using the banks’ websites. The problem is that companies generally do not work with just one bank.

Imagine a company that works with 5 banks. If you pay for all 5 you will need to log into 5 different websites, with 5 different passwords, with 5 different styles, screens and functionalities, with 5 different ways of signing and with different signature keys for each of the banks.

Kyriba facilitates the entire multi-bank payment process on a single platform, with a single password and a single signature for all banks. Of course with all security levels certified

And also from your mobile phone!

How to choose a payment hub integrator?

Irrespective of the payment management solution chosen, the most important thing is that the implementation of this solution is a success. It needs to meet all your requirements for payment, and take into account all your particularities.

To achieve this goal, it is vital to have the support of a manufacturer-certified implementer of the contracted solution who has as much experience as possible in national and international payment management projects.

The implementer will advise you in choosing the best connectivity and payment option to solve your problem.

What are the most important points to consider in a payment management solution?

  1. Make it a single application (connectivity, management of payment and format, signatures, etc.) all integrated in a single platform!
  2. Mobility: Compatible with both iOS and Android apps.
  3. Security: Most importantly, the solution must comply with and have the required security certifications.

We streamline efficient and secure payment management

Would you like to know the full potential of All CMS solutions? Our experts in each area of expertise are available for a customised demo.