How Capital Energy automates its financial processes

Automatizacion Procesos Financieros Liberar Carga Administrativa Capital Energy All CMS

Founded 2002
Headquarters Madrid
Industry 100% renewable energy
Operations Spain & Portugal
Turnover EUR +9.2 million

The challenge:

Automate financial processes with a cash management system that drives business growth.

Key challenges:

  • Facilitate cash management as a result of exponential growth in business volume
  • Provide real-time information on cash position through automation
  • Reduce the administrative burden on the finance team to collect and manage bank information
  • Eliminate the risk of human error in the payment and bank reconciliation processes

Automates financial processes Capital Energy AllCMS
Automatización Procesos Financieros Tiempo Real Capital Energy AllCMS Certified Partner Kyriba

Our cash management automation solution

Capital Energy supports its exponential growth by automating financial processes through the cash management solution implemented by the All CMS team.

Looking to improve your financial processes through automation?


By automating financial processes, companies like Capital Energy eliminate errors, gain accuracy and agility and make their finance department an analytical and strategic ally.

Faced with an increase in business volume, Capital Energy was looking for real-time data and to reduce the time spent on manual processes, so the All CMS team implemented a treasury automation solution.

Automatización Procesos Financieros Tiempo Real Capital Energy AllCMS

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Forget manual tasks and discover how you can automate your cash management and optimise your finance team’s time.