Pizzerias Carlos implements the cash management solution with All CMS, Kyriba’s official partner in Spain.

Pizzerias Carlos implements the cash management solution with All CMS, Kyriba’s official partner in Spain.

The CFO of Pizzerias Carlos talks about his experience in implementing a treasury system with All CMS.

In order to meet the business objectives of opening 25 new premises every year, which involves a large expense in CAPEX, Pizzerias Carlos has risen a credit line that has to be arranged in advance.


The decision to implement Kyriba’s treasury solution tried to solve three main problems:

  1. Cash management: to have visibility on future cash flows in a context of high growth with 25 openings per year and high CAPEX consumption.
  2. Administrative overviews: reduce the time spent by the team downloading bank statements from the websites, reworking spreadsheets in the desired format for an inflexible ERP and uploading bank statements to the accounting system.
  3. Cash flow analysis: enable an ex-post analysis of cash flows by the direct method, allowing reconciliation with the cash budget.

Which questions do finance departments ask themselves before implementing a cash management solution?:

  • Is it possible to have visibility on coming cash flows with Excel tools?
  • How many recurring tasks do finance people have to perform without automation tools?
  • Will I be able to do a cash flow analysis by the direct method that allows reconciliation with the cash budget?
Pizzerias Carlos All Cash Management Solutions

Carlos Linares, CFO Pizzerías Carlos, tell us how they have solved those questions with Kyriba Cash and Liquidity Management Solutions.

All CMS Cash Management Solutions Mejor Partner de Kyriba Espana Spain

Our solutions allow you to improve your financial management with the following services:

  • Cash Management Solutions
  • Payment Hub
  • Cash Accounting
  • Risk management and financial transactions
  • Bank Connectivity
  • Business Intelligence

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